Bible Distribution 

 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away. Mark 13:31

 Firstly Yeshua SA wants to give God the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit all the honor, Praise and Glory for what He has done. It all started as a vision in November 2018. We opened the Yeshua SA bank account in April 2019 with a R500 gift as a blessing. The Lord provided for us, along with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus we were able to distribute over 255 209 Bibles and Christian literature for children and adults. From Nov 2018 to June 2022 (truly just another miracle) Yeshua SA volunteers focus on spiritual needs, prayer, sharing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ with all whom the Lord sends to us. Yeshua SA have not sold any Bibles or donations received. In 2020 with the pandemic, the Lord opened doors for us to minister and feed the needy here in South Africa, up to date the Lord provided for over 1 400 000 meals. Praise the Lord for all of this and for more that is to come. All honor and praise belongs to God.

Yeshua SA is privileged to be SA Stewards and Co-distributors of the Bible's from The City Bibles International Foundation. We want to thank The City Bibles for their ongoing sponsorship and for sowing the seed of God’s Word into South Africa.

Outreach and Ministry to Schools 

We have visited many schools where we shared the Word of God with the children and distributed bibles and bible coloring books. 

Bible Distribution to Hospitals

We have visited several Government Hospitals, prayed with patients and supplied bibles to spiritual workers and hospital staff.

 Bible Distribution to Prisons

We have supplied spiritual workers with bibles to minister at several Correctional Services facilities.